The Chunk Bunk
Chunk Bunk

"The Chunk Bunk." as everyone calls them because they are so far down on the socially accepted and popularity food chain, that nobody calls the members of the cabin by there real names. "The Chunk Bunk." is a cabin full of chubby geeks, nerdlings, social misfits and others who so called don't fit in to society, and they are terrorised by the jock cabin every chance they get, which Jake is the leader of and gets his cronies to do the dirty work; so that his girlfriend Kimberley won't see him for what he really is.

Kimberley and Rachael are the only counsellors who talk to "The Chunk Bunk." apart from Flynn, Barry and A-Rab and are the only ones who don't pick on them for being different.

But you could say that it is good in a way seeing as Barry and A-Rab won't popular at high school/university so can relate to the kids in "The Chunk Bunk."

But A-Rab and Barry get picked on aswell, also Flynn was very popular at university and gets picked on but alot less, due to occasion....

Members of "The Chunk Bunk." Edit

  • Thurston | Series 1–2. (2011-2012)
  • Brandon | Series 1–2. (2011-2012)
  • Smallie | Series 1–2. (2011-2012)
  • Rick Jnr. | Series 1. (2011.)
  • Jizz | Series 1. (2011.)
  • Maurice | Series 2. (2011.)
  • Clarissa | Series 1. (2011.)
  • Gus | Series 1. (2011.)
  • Buzz | Series 1 (2011.)
  • Extended - Chunk Bunkers: Flynn, Barry and A-Rab.