Episode 4
Series 01, Episode 04
Air Date 17 August 2011
Previous Episode 3
Next Episode 5

Series 1 eepisode 4 is the fourth episode of E4's Beaver Falls very first series which was first broadcast on 17 August 2011.

Summary Edit

It's the hottest, sweatiest day of the year and it feels like the whole of camp has got one thing on the brain: sex. A-Rab, Rachael, Smallie — even Bobby.

Everyone seems to be getting some, apart from Barry of course. Could this call for a change of tactics? And just as things are finally working out for Rachel and A-Rab, a surprise visitor throws everyone into turmoil: Saima. The Ex. The girl who broke A-Rab's heart has returned to get him back, but not if Barry and the Chunk Bunk have anything to do with it. Which only leaves Flynn to comfort a distraught Rachel.

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