Series 1
Beaver falls series 1
Original Run 27 July 2011 - 31 August 2011
Num of episodes 6
All Series: 1, 2

Series 1refers to the first series of the Channel 4 Television series Beaver Falls which follows a trio of Oxford Brookes University graduates who managed to deceitfully get jobs at Beaver Falls, an elitist American summer camp for the beautiful teenage offspring of California's rich and powerful.

Plot Edit

Flynn, Barry and Adil (A-Rab) fly out to a summer camp in California, Beaver Falls,hoping for two months of sun, booze, and gorgeous (quite often young) horny women. But their dream turns into what seems to be a nightmare when they're appointed to look after a cabin full of social misfits. Generally known as the 'Chunk Bunk' their cabin is terrorized by the jock cabin.

Flynn's mission is to sleep with every woman that he can without getting caught, A-Rab wants to get over the girl of his dreams, and Barry just wants to meet a girl. Unbeknownst to A-Rab and Barry, Flynn is actually in America because he has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (the same disease that Stephen Hawking has) and is aware that he may not have long to live.

A-Rab has successfully left his ex-girlfriend in the past, and instead fallen for Rachael, the camp's guidance counsellor, but is let down regardless after discovering that she sympathetically slept with Flynn after he confessed his condition to her.

Kimberley leaves Jake in Barry's favour, and has sex with him during the last night at the camp. Flynn contemplates suicide when he realises that he has betrayed A-Rab, and because he is afraid of how far his condition will take him, but ultimately chooses to face up to his future, and reconciles with A-Rab (after accepting a punch in the face).

Episodes Edit

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  2. Episode 2
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  4. Episode 4
  5. Episode 5
  6. Episode 6