Potrayed by Scarlett Alice Johnson.

PJ is Bobby & Pam's daughter- the initials stand for Pamela Jefferson Jr.

PJ is a single-handed rebuke to anyone who dares to suggest that American's don't get irony. She's very sarcastic, with an uncanny knack for seeing through bullshit and calling people on it. She's adventurous, and spent last year backpacking around Europe (hence why she wasn't here in series 1...) She's also wilful to the point of self-destructiveness - tell her not to do something or someone, it only makes her want to do it or them more...

She has a lot of success with the opposite sex, gets bored easily and is constantly on the look-out for new adventures. When she first meets Flynn she finds him attractive, but finds his attempts to chat her up risible. Something Flynn really isn't used to. He really can't work out if she's an interesting challenge or just waaay too much like hard work.

Meanwhile PJ's relationship with Pam is incredibly strained: they haven't had a civil conversation for three years. PJ knows it's partly her own fault, but she just can't help feeling resentful about Pam's many failings as a mother. And she finds it impossible not to remind Pam at every available opportunity. PJ hates the way Pam treats her father - particularly the affairs Pam has so close to home. She knows about her mother's penchant for younger men and thinks the guys she sleeps with are complete losers. Be interesting to see what happens if she ever finds out that Flynn was one of those "losers".....