Nickname: (J-Dog by The Jocks. / Jacob by Kimberley.)

Square-jawed Jake or "Jacob" as Kimberley calls him is the resident American Football Coach, Beaver Falls poster boy and all round nemesis to "The Chunk Bunk." And Flynn, Barry and A-Rab.

He's sporty, all American and idolised by his charges... who are all wannabe Jake's. As Head of the Locker Room and its resident jocks, Jake considers it his personal responsibility to ensure the tradition of the Jocks bullying the kids deemed lower then him and his jock friends.

As far as he's concerned (and in line with his dreams to join the military), losing is not an option and weakness will not be tolerated.

And is the leader of "The Jocks." and makes fun of "The Chunk Bunk." cabin; because they are "losers." And are very low down on the popularity food chain.

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