Episode 1
Series 01, Episode 01
Beaver Falls Ep1
Air Date 27 July 2011
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Episode 1: is the first episode of Beaver Falls's first series which was broadcast on E4 on 27 July 2011.

Summary Edit

"The Brits." arrive at camp. A-Rab is packing a broken heart; Barry, a stash of weed; and Flynn, an insatiable desire to get laid as much possible.

Things appear to get off to a good start when Barry meets gorgeous lifeguard Kimberley (Natsha Loring) and A-Rab (Arsher Ali) clicks with wholesome guidance counsellor Rachael (Kristen Gutoskie).

But threats to their summer of fun start to mount when they fall out with the jocks and the kids; And Flynn's raging libido lands them all in some very hot water.