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Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls is a British comedy-drama that follows a trio of Oxford Brookes University graduates who managed to deceitfully get jobs at Beaver Falls, an elitist American summer camp for the beautiful teenage offspring of California's rich and powerful.

Summary Edit

Beaver Falls is a British comedy-drama that follows a trio of Oxford Brookes University graduates who managed to deceitfully get jobs at Beaver Falls, an elitist American summer camp for the beautiful teenage offspring of California's rich and powerful.

The first episode aired on E4 at 27 July 2011. The show was renewed for a second and final series, which aired on Monday 6 August, also on E4.

Filming began in February 2011 in South Africa. John Dagleish stated that Beaver Falls was like The O.C. but with British humour. He also talked about fellow E4 show The Inbetweeners, And quoted "The Inbetweeners is great and it was a massive success so if we can replicate that we'll be really happy. If we can get half the success they get we'll be chuffed. A second series was confirmed in October 2011.

The first series underperformed only averaging 400,000 viewers an episode. However, it was the third most popular title on 4oD in August 2011 with 1.4m views.The second series premiered to 281,000 viewers, failing to match E4’s slot average of 355k (1.94%), in the face of stiff competition from the BBC’s Olympics coverage.

Critical reception has been mixed, with critics comparing Beaver Falls to The Inbetweeners, but stating that it falls some way short of comical brilliance. Christopher Hooton of Metro felt that it was the usual teen comedy; the irresistible ladies man, the awkward virgin, the high school jock, the fat kid, the hot woman. Hooton also added "Beaver Falls is essentially a textbook covered in pencil-drawn penises, it was funny once upon a time but that time has passed." Rachel Tarley of Metro stated: "Beaver Falls is shaping up to be a silly, lewd and pretty juvenile series, but with so much heart at its core, it's hard not to warm to these hapless characters and their stories."

On 22 September 2012, it was reported that E4 had cancelled Beaver Falls.

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